Took The Kids Out For Lunch And This Happened…


Over the weekend we took the kiddies to two of my favorite restaurants in the Hamptons, … [Read more...]

My Must Have Babyproofing Tips On “Better Connecticut!” Watch The Segment!


If you've ever had to make a trip the ER because of an accident in the home, you know first-hand the importance of babyproofing! Watch my tips on babyproofing your home on Better Connecticut[Read more...]

Talking “Toddlers & Technology” Today on NBC Connecticut!


How much time in front of the iPad is too much? One of the many problems we face today with modern parenting. Well this morning I chatted with NBC Connecticut’s, Kerri-Lee Mayland, about “Toddlers & Technology!” So how much screen time is too much? … [Read more...]

“My Son: Making Changes and Making Friends.” My Latest Article for Mahattan Family Magazine!

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 1.40.16 PM

A few days ago, a friend of mine came across my most recent article for Manhattan Family magazine, entitled “My son: Making changes and making friends.” She shared with me her experience with her own daughter and her belief that sometimes we need to just give our children time. … [Read more...]

I Remember When…..


I remember when we would have to prepare ourselves physically and emotionally just to bring our kids to the store. They would get so excited by being inside a store that … [Read more...]

Chess Anyone?


So apparently kids have the ability to learn chess even at the age of three! So we've decided to give it a go. Today was our 3rd lesson! … [Read more...]

Thanking God For The One Thing They Didn’t Get From Their Mama


So…. I can’t swim no matter how many times I have tried to learn.  I tense up so much in the water that I always find myself … [Read more...]

Learning Patience (And Perseverance) From Toddlers


One of the interesting things about parenting is that we are constantly learning new things about our children and ourselves (or at least we should be anyway). For several months now, I have been trying … [Read more...]

Taking A Break From The Cold… Pics From The Beach!


[Read more...]

Having A Beautiful Time In The MIA!


I had a great birthday celebration yesterday. I started my day with the kids. Then it was off to Miami! … [Read more...]