When Nannies Don’t Get Along

Sometimes having triplets means having two nannies. So what do you do if they don't get along? I'm still not sure if I know the answer to that question but I am trying to figure it out. Just to give you some background - one nanny is more senior than the other in that she has been with us longer, but both are experienced nannies who have been working with children for more than 10 years each. So what do you do with two adult women who do not like each other? First, you sit them down and you let them know that in the workplace you will always be confronted with people you don't like. That said, … [Read more...]

1st Birthday!


So my kids turned one a few days ago and I had a party for them. This was my first time throwing a 1st birthday party so I consulted with a few moms before going ahead. They all told me not to make a big deal about it and not to bother with entertainment since the kids wouldn't be able to appreciate it anyway. I am glad I didn't listen to them. I didn't go crazy or anything but I decided to hire entertainment from my local Gymboree and bought cakes from the legendary Sylvia Weinstock! The cakes were on the pricey side ($2400 for 3 cakes) but it was worth it. The cakes were delicious and not a … [Read more...]