Had A Debate This Morning About The Whole Vaccine Thing


I mentioned to someone this morning about the article in the New York Times discussing the outbreak of measles in Brooklyn. She told me that she knows a number of people who do not vaccinate their children and she agrees with their choice not to do so. She said that some of these people have cancer in their families and it is ultimately a parent's right not to vaccinate. I told her that I am unaware of any connection between cancer and vaccines, but I don't know enough about that so I am not gonna there. As to a parent's right, while it may be your right not to vaccinate your child, perhaps it … [Read more...]

Thank You Jenny McCarthy


We are all scheduled to get our shots tomorrow. The babies are getting their MMR shots for mumps, measles and rubella and the nannies are I are getting the flu shot as well as DTAP. If you don't already know, the MMR vaccine is the one that is supposed to cause autism, at least according to Jenny McCarthy (the former Playboy Playmate turned parent advocate). As a result, I have been anxious about this vaccine and have rescheduled with our pediatrician’s office at least two times. Legitimately though the kids were sick with a cold and I didn't think it was the best time for them to be … [Read more...]

The Nanny Kissed The Baby Where???

Woman kissing baby's cheek, baby looking at camera

Recently, another mother shared online that her nanny has been kissing her babies on the lips and calling them her 'lover boy' and 'lover girl.' In her email, she said that she was uncomfortable with the nanny's behavior and wanted to fire her but wasn't sure if this was a good enough reason. Right away, the other mothers responded by saying that they would fire the nanny immediately and seemed somewhat surprised at the mother's ambivalence. I too was a little surprised by the email, but I can understand what happened here because I was in a similar situation. Not long ago, I thought one of my … [Read more...]

I Have Officially Given Up the Ghost On Wooden Toys


Not long ago, I was adamantly against plastic toys and would only buy wooden toys. I spent a lot of time researching the chemical make-up of toys and learned that plastic toys in general are bad. Most contain PVC, BPA and Phthalate (all of which are bad for your kids especially young males since they lower testosterone levels). Some of them also contain lead. If you don't believe me check out this link from the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/lead/tips/toys.htm. So anyway, I only bought wooden toys from companies like Plan, HABA and other companies complaint with European manufacturing … [Read more...]

More On Bringing Sexy Back


So I went to a friend's wedding over the weekend. On the one hand it was a little stressful because I had to get a new dress. On the other hand, it was a great opportunity to get all dolled up and to get some much needed new clothes.  For the dress, I went to BCBG because I always go there for my dresses.  And surprisingly, I couldn't really find anything that looked good on me and ended up buying a Audrey Hupburn inspired black lace dress that didn't really fit. The dress was a little small and my tummy was visible but it was the best option of all the dresses I tried. Apparently though, my … [Read more...]

Nanny Watchlist


According to two Long Island mothers, we should all beware of a nanny by the name of Marie. According to one of the mothers, she fired Marie because she saw "troubling behavior" on her nanny cam. According to the other mother, she fired Marie because Marie she gave her 14 month-old a timeout in a church bathroom for an hour and a half because she didn't eat her lunch.  Un-be-liev-able. Luckily, another nanny witnessed the event and informed the family. According to both mothers, Marie comes across as a loving and caring nanny, but is really very dangerous and looks for work in the Long Island … [Read more...]

The Importance of Family

Gran with Eva

Last night was tough. The babies wouldn't go to sleep. They just wouldn't. Now, I'm accustomed to one or two of them staying up past 9pm, but this time it was all three. Luckily, my mom and sister were there to help.  Sometime after 10pm, though, I gave up and moved on to something much easier like loading the dishwasher. I think my mom and sister could tell that I was at my wits end and stayed to help. They stayed and helped me put the babies to sleep. They also helped me with cleaning up. Most days I handle the stress just fine. I have mastered the art of online shopping and have become … [Read more...]

Preemies and Playgroups

Playgroup photo

  Playgroups are important for children's intellectual and social development, but they can be difficult for those of us with premature babies.  My babies were born early, so for the first 11 months of their lives they didn't have the same motor skills as their peers.  I understand this, but many mothers do not and many nannies do not as well. So playgroups can be hard for us because some of the mothers present might compare their babies to mine, or stare or ask a lot of questions about their development.  I am a pretty open person so I don't mind the questions as much but I do hate … [Read more...]

Baby Nurse Shenanigans


So a fellow new mommy recently reported that her baby nurse requested double pay for Columbus Day since it’s a holiday. Can you say scam? What’s with some baby nurses and nannies trying to take advantage of new moms and dads who are unfamiliar with the process. Very sad. Luckily, this mother posted her baby nurse's request on our local mommies’ group board and other mothers came to the rescue. … [Read more...]

Nanny Busted!


So you think your nanny is nurturing, competent and professional.  What if it turns out that she is not. What if it turns out that your nanny is not nurturing, competent or professional. In fact, she is mean and abusive to your child. That’s what happened to one NYC mom.  Recently, a group of mothers saw this mother's nanny sleeping at a local Barnes and Nobles while her 1 1/2 year old son was left unattended. They also saw her yelling at the child and that she had him locked in the stroller  for several hours. The women who saw this were so disgusted that they posted the incident and a … [Read more...]