Celebrity Pics: Usher and Sons in Tribeca


Usher, now a Tribeca resident, spending time with his boys in the neighborhood. Adorable!   … [Read more...]


Me and Eva at Thanksgiving

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Preparing For Thanksgiving


This is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the summer, don't get me wrong, but I love the holidays more. It's this time of year that even the most cynical and jaded New Yorker is happy to be alive. The holidays are the best and this holiday season is even more special for us because it will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with the babies. Last year this time they were still in the hospital and to top it off, they'll be 14 months tomorrow. Even my husband seems to be excited about Thanksgiving. Earlier this week, I had bought some groceries but didn't get all the things we … [Read more...]

Mean Kids


  Last week  I went to Barnes & Nobles with the kids. It's a great place to go for reading especially when it's too cold for the park. It was a little crowded when we got there though so we sat on the floor.  Minutes later, two little girls about the age of three sat next to us and started playing with their magna doodles. My two boys who were intrigued by the toys, crawled over to them and started staring. Then Eva, my daughter, also crawled over.  Before she could get very close though, one of them yelled at her "don't touch me."  I looked over at Eva and she wasn't touching … [Read more...]

Twins in the City- SJP With Twins, Marion and Tabitha!

SJP_in street with twins

Sarah Jessica Parker out and about with the kids....   … [Read more...]

More Twins Pics – Moroccan and Monroe

Mariah_Kids - boy

Moroccan and Monroe on their way to somewhere.....   … [Read more...]

Fatherhood In The 21st Century


Last week my husband and I went to Landmarc restaurant for dinner (our date night) and were seated next to a table of eight. Everyone at the table was coupled up, but one couple had a toddler. Within minutes of sitting down the child started crying - and crying loudly. The parents immediately tried to comfort her, but it wasn't the mother who held her, it was the father. He stood away from the table and rocked her to sleep for at least an hour while the others talked, ate their food and drink their wine, including his wife. The best part is he didn't seem to mind. He seemed to enjoy it. I … [Read more...]

Shame On You Johnson & Johnson


A few days ago, I was scouring the internet and saw something in the news about Johnson & Johnson baby products containing toxic chemicals. I didn't have time to read the article, but the headline alone was enough for me to make a switch. So recently, I bought California Baby and used it for the first time. I don't know a lot about California Baby because I have always used Johnson & Johnson, but it appeared to be organic. This evening, however, I decided to read that article about Johnson & Johnson and I just can't believe it. Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos contain a … [Read more...]

Thinking About Penn State…


In life we all have our causes. Some of us rally around animal abuse, others breast cancer awareness, or maybe it's war in Iraq. What I care most about is child abuse.  Now that I am a parent, I care even more about it.  So when I read the Penn State story, I almost went crazy. I don’t care to recount the details of the case because they are too sad and disgusting. For those interested in reading more about it, however, you can go here: … [Read more...]

Twins In Tribeca – Pics of Mariah Carey’s Twins!

Mariah with babies

Local celebrity residents Moroccan and Monroe! … [Read more...]