Three Important Family Traditions For New Year’s Eve

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I don’t know if we have a lot of traditions in my family, but we certainly have three very important ones for New Year's Eve: 1. The first thing is that you have a clean house when the New Year arrives. If you don’t, your life could be in a state of chaos for the next 12 months. So clean up! 2. Second, you have to have some kind of special food. My family is Jamaican so we always have fruit cake/rum cake, sorrel (a fruity beverage which could be served with or without alcohol), and some other food item we want to eat. It could be anything. Some years we have crabmeat because crab is … [Read more...]

My Favorite Tribeca Dad Besides My Husband…


Other than my husband who is by far the best dad in the world, my favorite Tribeca dad is Michael Imperioli (Christopher from the Sopranos). I always see him walking with one of his sons and he's always carrying a book bag, sports equipment or some other item. He looks so involved! Sweet, just sweet. … [Read more...]

New Favorite Thing: Uncle Goose Blocks


I didn't think a set of blocks could make me so happy, but they do! And my kids like them too. Before these, my first blocks purchase were cloth blocks made by HABA, a German company that specializes in organic toys. The kids never even played with them. Apparently, cloth toys don't have enough tactile appeal for kids and they usually don't like them. A woman who specializes in children's play once told me this but I didn't listen to her. I thought she was just "hating." Afterward, I bought small wooden blocks also made by HABA but they were also unpopular with the kids. The paint on them made … [Read more...]

Putting Things In Their Proper Place

Jewerly box

Now that the Christmas rush is over, I decided I would spend some time today putting away my jewelry in my new jewelry box. While doing it, I couldn’t help but think that not long ago, I didn’t have a jewelry box even though I had jewelry. Not long ago, I didn’t have a lot of things in my home that I needed because I didn’t think they were important. I am so happy to be over that phase. Now, I am buying those things for myself and for my home that not only allow me to function better, but allow me to function well. Looking forward to 2012. … [Read more...]

Family, Christmas Day Gift Giving & Elizabeth Taylor


This year family came to our house and showered the babies with every gift imaginable, but Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't receive yet another amazing gift from my husband. My gift this year - pink sapphire earrings previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor. The earrings were given to her as a gift from Donatella Versace. It wasn't easy for my husband to get these earrings. After being outbid twice by the likes of Donald Trump and Kim Khardashian. He finally got me these earrings on day 3 of the recent Christie's auction, which brought … [Read more...]

The Triplets’ Second Christmas at the White House


                                My husband and I were recently invited to do a special Christmas tour of the White House. It's the only time of year that you are allowed to take pictures inside the White House. So we decided to bring the babies and make it a family trip.The White House staff was very gracious to us when we arrived. They sent us an intern to help us with the babies and with taking pictures since we weren't allowed to bring our strollers inside. … [Read more...]

Sightings While Christmas Shopping


Did some last minute Christmas shopping today and the rapper Jim Jones walked in the store. He came in with a friend/bodyguard and was walking really fast with his head down. It seemed as though he was trying to keep from being recognized but I don't think anyone in the store recognized him. I always find it interesting when celebrities think that they are bigger stars than they really are. Honestly, I don't think anyone in the store, other than me, even noticed he was there. If they did, what they probably noticed is the overwhelming smell of weed he brought into the store. I like Jim Jones … [Read more...]

Me, Bubby’s and Katie Holmes


I decided to go to Bubby’s for breakfast this morning with my husband because my day had a stressful start. The food there was good and the crowd was nice looking, but over all it was an uneventful day in TriBeCa. So there I was, engrossed in conversation (as I am always engrossed in conversation) and out of nowhere came paparazzi.  They were yelling and taking pictures and in walked in…. Katie Holmes.

She looked fabulous as you would expect and an older gentleman who was smiling from ear to ear accompanied her. I played … [Read more...]

New Study Says That Working Moms Are Healthier And Happier Than Stay-At-Home Moms – True?


  Well this is kind of a downer if you are a stay-at-home mom, but worth discussing nonetheless.  Before diving into the issue though, let me start off by saying that I am always suspicious of any study based on surveys or interviews. As a former small business owner with some experience with focus groups, I know that what people say about their behavior and how they actually behave are two different things.   That said, do I think there is truth to this study? I do. The study which was published in the December issue of the Journal of Family Psychology, concludes that … [Read more...]

Toys: The Hitmakers of 2011

Front of House

I bought a lot of toys over the last year and most of them were flops. Some toys, though, were a hit with my kids and are toys that I would recommend if you're shopping for a toddler or baby this Christmas season.   Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home. This is by far the favorite toy in the house. It's great for music lovers (my son David) and for fine motor skills development. It is also good for language development. Retails for about $98.       LeapFrog Learn and Groove Activity Table. This was the first … [Read more...]