Buying Shoes For Beginning Walkers


  My kids are 15 months now and have been walking for some time, but when they began walking my husband and I bought them the wrong shoes. We bought them traditional shoes and boots from Ralph Lauren thinking that we were the greatest parents on the planet because we were buying them "quality" shoes. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It turns out that when children are beginning to walk, they need shoes with a soft flexible sole. According to one expert, Dr. Lisa C. Moore, a chiropractor, "soft soled baby shoes allow the beginning walker to grip the floor, developing strong ankles and flexible … [Read more...]

Date Night At The Knicks Game

The little guy wearing orange sitting court side is Spike Lee.

My birthday gift to my husband was floor seats at last night’s Knicks game against the Milwaukee Bucks. We are Knicks fans and were excited about the game especially since it’s been a long time since we have been to a Knicks game. The last time we were there was in early 2011 when a certain player’s wife invited us to the game. The time before that was back in ‘09 when we were season ticket holders. Well, MSG has made a lot of nice upgrades since our ‘09 season ticket days. Instead of having your choice between hot dogs during half time, you can have shrimp, crab, filet mignon, and other … [Read more...]

Took David On A Stroll Today……

Tribeca street4

Scenes from our stroll. … [Read more...]

De-stressing With Friends

Me and Lisa

On Saturday, I met up with friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I am really happy I decided to go out that night, but I almost talked myself out of going. I was feeling little down about the fact that one of my boys wasn’t eating enough and I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. After dilly-dallying in the apartment for nearly an hour though, I decided to go. The kids were eating beautifully and they were in good hands with my mom, grandma and sister. Seeing my friends that night really helped to relieve my stress. We hugged, we laughed and we talked. We also looked at pictures of the … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Tired Mom

Found this video while going through my phone with a friend. I never even knew it was there. My husband must have taken it. I think I was trying to put Eva to bed who was having none of it. … [Read more...]

My Husband On The Wendy Williams Show This Morning!


My husband, Fred, who is the head of, was a live guest on The Wendy Williams Show today! This morning he talked with Wendy about Khloe Khardasian and the rumors that she is not really a Khardasian (which actually does not surprise me), drama amongst the Braxton sisters and Beyonce and her father reconciling. He did a great job this morning and the show will re-air today on MY9 at 3pm if you live in the NYC area. If you live outside of NYC, you will have to check the show's website for listings. If possible, I will also try to upload "after the show" clips tomorrow. … [Read more...]

New Favorite Product Line: Mustela


Like most mothers, I faithfully used Johnson & Johnson baby products and didn't give it a second thought. Some weeks back though I switched to California Baby because I read that Johnson & Johnson baby products contain toxic chemicals. Now, I am switching again to Mustela. Mustela products are made for newborn skin and are paraben free and phthalate free. Their products are also made in France, which in this case is a good thing. Europe has higher manufacturing standards than we have here in the U.S. so companies aren't allowed to put has many toxic chemicals in their products. And … [Read more...]

I May Have Had It With Beyonce And Jay-Z


Recently, I borrowed a line from Jay-Z because I am a Jay-Z fan and have been for many years. In fact, I can hardly have fun at a party if I don’t hear his music or music from Beyonce. So it pains me to say this but I think I am juuuuust about done with them as a couple. Their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, was born on Jan 7th at Lenox Hill Hospital. The birth of their daughter was much anticipated and needless to say, Jay-Z and Beyonce have gone to many lengths (maybe even more so than other celebrities) to keep fans, gawkers and paparazzi away from their baby. According to reports, they have … [Read more...]

My Husband’s Birthday Celebration!

Us- Fred's bday

On Saturday, some of our closest friends came out to celebrate my husband’s birthday at Mr. Chow. It was supposed to be a surprise party and while I’ll never know if, in fact, my husband was surprised, I know he was happy. My husband is one year older today and for us getting older has been a beautiful thing. We have three beautiful babies and life couldn’t be better. With that said, there are some trade offs. We have less time these days so do our friends. That’s why it was so wonderful to see so many faces there that night (and on time no less!). So thank you to everyone who came and If I … [Read more...]