A Handbag That Is Stroller Friendly

Hermes bag

If you’ve ever pushed a stroller, you know that it’s difficult to push a stroller and carry a purse at the same time. Enter Hermes’ Evelyne bag. It’s mama friendly and stroller friendly! It’s a chic, lightweight leather bag (much unlike the Birkin) with a canvas strap that goes across your body leaving your hands free to do all things mama related. It’s also large enough for your wallet, keys and other important items. The Hermes Evelyne bag is understandably one of this season’s new must have bags. … [Read more...]

Little Maestros at Gymboree Tribeca!


Little Maestros is a great musical program for toddlers, preschoolers and parents alike. The program begins with music which could range anywhere from nursery rhymes to pop tunes. In our class, we went from You Are My Only Sunshine to Wham to a song by the Jackson 5 (my personal favorite). It also includes storytime but instead of reading the words of the book, they sing them! My favorite part of the class, though, was the mini puppet show. Personally, I would have liked to see more of the puppet show and maybe hear a little less music, but I’m not the one in charge here. Little Maestros is … [Read more...]

Mom’s Day Out: An Afternoon At The Garden

Knicks game - Spike (clear photo)

Yesterday, I took a break from my mommy duties to watch the New York Knicks play the Dallas Mavericks. Now, for some mommies a basketball game may not seem like an obvious choice, but going to a sporting event can be a great way to recharge. The crowd at the Garden yesterday was lively and the energy was high, which did more for me than any yoga pose I've done in recent weeks. I also had the great pleasure of watching the Knicks win while gazing at the stars. Some of the stars there yesterday were Kevin Costner and his wife, Eva Longoria, and Seth Myers. … [Read more...]

My Valentine’s Day Gift From The Kids

Valentines Day gift

Aren't these hearts the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Eva and Samuel did them yesterday at Kidville! David didn't get to do one. He was at home sleeping but that's not to say he didn't give me gift. He gave me a big kiss and a hug and called me Mama. … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out: The Harlem Fine Arts Show!

Harlem Art Show

Friday night is date night, but instead of going to dinner as we usually do, we went to the Harlem Fine Arts Show at Riverside Church. There we ran into B. Smith and her husband and picked up some art for the kid's play area. It was a great night. … [Read more...]

What Motherhood Has Done To My Hands and What My Doctor Had To Say About It

Closeup of a woman's hands

The problems with my skin started when my kids were in the NICU. Having to use hand sterilizers on a regular basis made my hands so dry and irritated that they would crack and bleed. You can imagine that this was very painful. So I quickly switched to plain hand washing but things for me only improved marginally. Now it’s 16 months later and I am still having problems with my skin so I decided to see a dermatologist. When the doctor saw my hands she asked, “what kind of work do you do?” I’m not exactly sure why, but this question really hurt my feelings. I said I’m a full time mom of … [Read more...]

We Tried Celebrating With The NY Giants Today

NY Giants4

We went to the NY Giants parade today thinking it would be easy to attend since it was right there in our own back yard. We were wrong. The streets were blocked off and there was no way for us to access the parade. We talked to one police officer who said they blocked the streets off as a crowd control measure. Apparently more than one million people showed up today to see the Super Bowl champs. In any event, we had a great time. The weather was beautiful, everyone was happy and we got some great pics. … [Read more...]

Chic Style Ideas For Moms To Be

Clothes2- best





In the spirit of Fashion Week, I recently went to A Pea In The Pod’s “5 Days of Style” event in conjunction with InStyle magazine!  At the event, they featured 5 style ideas for every working mom to be from business casual to boardroom chic.  

Now, if you’re already a mama like me, A Pea In The Pod has stuff for you too, … [Read more...]

Kidville’s Run, Wiggle, Paint & Giggle Class- A Review


If you’ve got a toddler enroll them in this class! The class, which is an hour long, begins with story time. Then the kids are given various toys and blocks to play with and paper to tear up.  There is also a sing-a-long segment with one of the instructors playing a guitar.

Admittedly, I was hesitant about this program at first because the class is over $700 per child for just a few weeks. To top it off, Kidville doesn’t offer much of a sibling discount program, but after seeing how my kids responded to this class it was … [Read more...]

Trying To Teach Our Kids About Art


My husband and I have been trying to buy art for our home for some time now. One, because our walls really need it and two, because we want our kids to grow up with art. We didn’t know where to begin with this so we turned to a few friends who knew more about the art world than we did   They all told us the same thing. They said, “don’t think about the name of the artist. Buy something you really like.”

We of course ignored this advice and started scouring the internet for Basquiats. When it … [Read more...]