My Afternoon Alone With The Kids

Me and Kidsbest

Normally I have help with the kids, whether it’s from the nanny, my family or both, but I usually have help. Today, though, was different. It was just me and the kids. To make things easier on myself, I could have easily put them in front of the tv and turned on a video. I also could have kept them in their play space to make things more manageable, but I did neither of the two. I let them run around all day and pretty much do whatever they wanted. They went in drawers, boxes, and bags and even played with the recycling. I also made all their meals and managed to give everyone bath. It … [Read more...]

What To Do When Your Toddler Has Diarrhea


Diarrhea – it’s not the most pleasant subject to discuss but it is something that every mother should know about if and when it happens to your child. This winter was very hard on my family. Twice my kids got hit with a stomach virus and both of those times they had diarrhea. The first time it happened to them it wasn’t a big deal. I gave them some Pedialyte and it went away after a day or two. The second time around, however, we weren’t so lucky. The diarrhea lasted several days longer and I became a nervous wreck. I took my kids to their regular pediatrician and according to her, the most … [Read more...]

5 Fun Toddler Activities When You Are Stuck Indoors!

Cornmeal play

Inevitably, there will be those days when you are stuck indoors with your kids either because they are sick or because the weather is bad. So what do you do? Here are 5 fun and easy toddler activities for days when you can’t go out: 1. Perform a puppet show With a simple cardboard box, a knife and some tape you can create your own puppet show at home. If that sounds like too much work (or danger) for you, you can buy a ready-made puppet show from any retailer that sells preschool furniture. If neither of those options is available to you, put a white sock on your hand, … [Read more...]

Why Fine Motor Skills Matter and How You Can Improve Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Toddler stacking blocks

Before becoming a parent, I don’t think I ever gave thought to the words fine motor skills. Now that I am a mother of three young toddlers, however, I think about these words almost all the time. Fine motor control is defined as the coordination of muscles, bones and nerves to produce small precise movements. When a child has fine motor control he or she is able to stack blocks, hold a pencil, write with a pencil, cut out shapes with scissors etc. The strength of these skills (or lack thereof) is important to your child’s development and may even impact your child’s readiness for school … [Read more...]