Baby Swim! Pics From Memorial Day Weekend!


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Me on the Morning News Talking About Healthy Eating Habits For Kids Just In Time For Memorial Day!


Produce For Kids ( is a fantastic resource for parents who want to learn more ways as to how to get their kids to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Studies show that feeding your kids a wide variety of fruit and vegetables is imperative for their development. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Not long ago, my kids were underweight and I had to learn how to feed them high calorie meals while still providing them with a healthy diet. So check out the segment and let me know what you think! The segment is right after the weather report and yes I am wearing … [Read more...]

My TV Appearance Today on Better Connecticut!

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So this morning I was on Better Connecticut talking about summer must haves for parents. I had a lot of fun doing the show and it aired today at 3pm on Channel 3 in Connecticut. If you missed it, though, not to worry. You can watch the segment by clicking on the below link and tell me what you think!: … [Read more...]

Not So Picky Eaters Anymore – The Kids Eating Corn!


Not too long ago, it was almost impossible to feed the kids. They didn't want this and they didn't want that. Well, now my picky eaters are growing up and they're eating!!! … [Read more...]

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby


Last year this time, I had the day off for Mother’s Day. My sister and husband took care of the kids while I went shopping in Soho. This year was completely different. I didn’t get the day off. That was the downside. I suppose there is no rest for the weary. The upside is that we had dinner with the kids, which was my real Mother’s Day present. We took them to Sarabeth’s, a local Tribeca restaurant. They have a delicious kids menu and the kids ate everything we ordered, even David who is notoriously difficult to feed. He ate mac and cheese, pasta with tomato sauce, crab meat and salmon all … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out At The NBA Playoffs!


I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I managed to get out twice last week for mom’s night out! Perhaps getting tickets to see the New York Knicks play in Madison Square Garden for Game 3 of the Knicks vs. Miami Heat series had something to do with it. ☺ The Garden was on fire and it seemed like all of New York came out to support the Knicks including some of our favorite celebrities, like Kanye West (sans Kim Khardasian), Justin Tuck from the New York Giants, La La Vasquez Anthony, Steve Stout, a music industry insider, rapper Fabulous and Emily B (who actually looks better in person … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out!


On Sunday night I had the beautiful pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding, which for me was no small feat. Five weeks ago, I let go one of my nannies and things were very difficult to say the least. My days were exhausting and my husband and I were unable to attend some of our favorite events like Knicks games (when they were winning of course), the Young Fellows Ball at the Frick and even a friend’s bridal shower! ☹ Now though things are looking up. I have a new nanny and my husband I were able to go to our friend's wedding worry free knowing the kids were in great hands – my mother, … [Read more...]