A Game Of Simon Says Over Flashcards


If you’ve ever talked to anyone in early childhood development, you’ve probably heard them say “kids learn through play.” Well, apparently it’s true. According a recent article in The New York Times, playing games with your child like Freeze Tag or Simon Says will likely do more for their brain development than flashcards or early reading. According to the article, these games require your child to have focus, a working memory (to remember the rules of the game) and maintain self-control, all skills they will need to succeed in school. They also found that kids who do well in games like … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out: Al Green In Concert!


Last night my husband and I saw Al Green in concert. Watching him perform last night was amazing. His voice sounds as good today as it did yesterday and he performed some of his greatest hits like, Lets Stay Together and I’m Still In Love With You. Word to the wise though, if you plan on seeing Al in concert skip the front row. He likes to flick his sweat onto the audience. My husband and I were lucky last night. We didn’t get any of his sweat on us, but the couple next to us - not so much. … [Read more...]

Family Pics From The Weekend


Family time this weekend.... … [Read more...]

Look What We Discovered Over The Weekend!


Amazingly we saw a turtle in the backyard this weekend. Initially, we were nervous about approaching it (after all it is a wild animal), but the turtle turned out to be harmless and beautiful. The best part is the kids learned a new word – turtle! … [Read more...]

Speech Development In Kids – Are We Becoming Too Obsessed With The Milestones?


This morning I had the pleasure of having some alone time with my son, David, and was overjoyed by the number of two and three word phrases he’s using. Hearing him talk this morning was thrilling, but it didn’t take me long to miss his baby talk and wish that it would last just a little bit longer. Watching my kids’ speech develop is the most exciting thing I have ever witnessed as a parent, maybe even more exciting than seeing them walk, but I wished that I had allowed myself to enjoy the stage before this one a little bit more and worried about it a little bit less. I wished that I hadn’t … [Read more...]

Nature in NYC: Pics From The Central Park Zoo


My kids and I love our mommy and me classes, but yesterday we skipped our usual class for a trip to the Central Park Zoo! It's hard to tell which of my kids enjoyed the trip more. The Central Park Zoo is open this summer from 10am-5:30pm. General admission prices for adults are $12.00, $7.00 for children (ages 3-12) and $9.00 for seniors (65+). … [Read more...]

Celebrity Interview: LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

The other day I had a chance to catch up with television star, LeVar Burton! We covered some key topics like his views on children’s programming past and present and of course the Reading Rainbow App! We even talked about my kids, but I decided not to include that part. :) When were you first approached about doing the Reading Rainbow App and what was your initial reaction? Well, actually I wasn’t approached. This project came organically from me and my business partner. When Reading Rainbow was taken off the air, me and my business partner saw that there … [Read more...]

Yo Gabba Gabba Coming Live To Madison Square Garden!


The jury is still out as to my feelings on the show, Yo Gabba Gabba, but my kids undecidedly love it! This fall, Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, DJ Lance Rock, and Biz Markie will be performing live in Madison Square Garden in “Get the Sillies Out!” The show will run from November 30th-December 2nd right after the Thanksgiving. Ticket prices range from $75-$159, which I think is a little expensive. That said for $159, your kids will be front row, have access to the after party … [Read more...]