For Working Moms: Day Care or Nanny?

If you’re a working mom, chances are you’ve had to figure out which child care option is best for your child – a nanny or day care facility. Recently, I talked to some working moms on the subject and have complied a list of some of their best arguments for each option. Let us know if you agree!

Pros of Having A Nanny

- When you have a nanny your child gets to remain in the comfort of his or her own home. Also, not having to get your child ready in the morning is another benefit. This is especially true for families with more than one child.

- Nannies are more flexible in terms of hours. Day cares have set pick up and drop off times which can be difficult for some parents’ work schedules.

- Parents don’t have to make alternate child care arrangements if their child is sick. Most day cares have a sick policy and will not allow you to drop off your child if your child is sick.

- Nannies not only provide care for your child, but do chores that are related to the care of your child like laundry, meal preparation and grocery shopping. No day care facility will do that!

Pros of Day Care

- Your child automatically has opportunities for socialization. With a nanny you would need to arrange playdates and/or playgroups for socialization.

- Your child may also learn more at a day care. Most day cares will have activities for your child like storytime, art and play. While there are many nannies that will do this, many will not. Ensuring that your nanny is providing your child with proper stimulation can also be hard to monitor.

- Day care may also be more affordable for families with up to two kids. For families with three kids or more, a nanny is probably cheaper depending on the region.

- Day care facilities don’t call in sick, nannies do.

- Last but not least – no nanny drama!


  1. I did both with baby #1, he was in day care for two days and the Nanny was going to watch him for 3 days. He was is daycare for not even a month when I called it quit. Why? They forgot that he had a milk protein allergy, and someone either gave him the wrong formula or gave him milk. Needless to say he was sick we paid for an entire month of tuition and he was only there one day, out of the 8. During the time he was sick we spent 1600.00 in out of pocket medical expenses for him to get better. We went to a Pediatric gastroenterologist, who charged 425, for a visit and had a medical test done that cost 625.00, all not covered by our insurance just to find out someone gave him milk, he lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks.
    So we decided Nanny fulltime who came with her own baggage , stomach problems, no driver license and not the strongest work ethics, but my son loves her and she loves him. And now baby. #2 loves her. Now we have baby # 1 in school for 2 days and the nanny has to watch both kids for 3 days a week. A nanny works for us because we are not home before 5:30 let alone 6.
    My nanny listen to the kids, plays with them, takes them to the library, children’s museum and to Manhattan. If anything happens to them she calls me and generally , she’s helpful. A nanny works for us.
    Either way children are our most previous commodity, it’s a though choice.

    • Wow, that’s incredible story and thanks for sharing. I have actually never done day care because I am a stay at home mom but I do have a lot of experience with nannies. I didn’t have a lot of luck with my nannies but I think it’s because I am home a lot which can cause conflict for us both. I think if you find a great nanny situation then it is worth it’s weight in gold and I know many moms who have. I think nannies can be hit or miss but there are a lot of great nannies out there, but you have to know what you are looking for. I didn’t know a lot when I was looking for a nanny. I didn’t know anyone who had a nanny and didn’t know what to consider. I think my next hire though is gonna be a much better experience. Thanks again for the insight!

  2. I work full time while my husband is a stay at home Daddy to our 22 month old twins. We decided that day care was too expensive, and although we struggle, I feel like it’s the best decision for everyone. The boys have been pretty healthy, which was really important their first year because they were preemies and so small. I love that they are already home when I get done with work. It’s nice too because 1- we don’t have to get them ready in the morning 2-we can set a more loose schedule. The boys usually go to bed around 9:30-10pm and get up about 12 hours later. I looove being able to sleep in on weekends. I also really like that they get more one on one attention at home versus daycare. I’m not too worried about socialization because they have each other and a lot of our friends have kids their age.

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