Advice From One Mom To Another

When I became a mom, a mommy friend of mine sat me down and said “you’re not gonna get an A in every category and that’s okay.”

Yesterday, I took my kids to music class and I could see that they all had food in their hair. During mealtime my kids have developed this habit of putting food in their hair. Typically, one starts it and the other two follow. Naturally, I tried to get the food out of their hair before class but it didn’t work. I didn’t have enough time. So I made a decision. I took them to class anyway, food in the hair and all.

A few months ago, I’m not sure I would have done that but my mommy friend was right. You are not gonna get an “A” in every category and it is okay. Sometimes as moms (parents) we have to make concessions just to keep it all together. The important thing was that they made it to class and got something out of it. My kids have a great mom and a great life, even if they have green peas in their hair. :)


  1. So right. It it’s nice to be reminded of that. I swear, no matter how well I clean up after meal time I am always able to find some lingering remnants of food somewhere…on his face, hands, clothes, his high chair tray. Good grief.

    • Yeah sometimes, you gotta take that “B” grade in some areas so you can get that “A” where it really counts.

  2. I totally needed this today! One of my 22 month old twins has taken to sticking food up his nose and I can’t get him to stop. I had to take him to the ER last night because of it and was feeling pretty down on my parenting. Thanks for sharing! =)

    • I’m glad you are feeling better and that your little ones are feeling better too. Stuff happens with kids no matter how phenomenal you are as a parent. It’s a natural to want everything to be perfect but life isn’t perfect and we have to remember that! By the way, my kids had also been putting food up their noses so I understand what you are going through. They do it less now but I had to stop giving them corn or green peas (anything that they could easily put up their nose) and would have to take away their food every time they would start. I know it’s tough. Good luck from one mommy to another! :)

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