Christmas At The Hospital And Lessons Learned

Christmas started off with a bang but ended with us running to the emergency room with our son, Samuel. Thankfully he is doing well now, but things were really scary for a second there.

To add to our anguish, the medical staff at the hospital seemed a little slow and unsure of themselves. It had been a while since we had been inside of a hospital and had forgotten terms like attending vs. resident, but knew enough to know at the time that we needed to “speak to someone else.” Once the attending came Samuel got the attention and care needed and deserved.

He is doing great now and everything is back to normal but this experience has taught me three things. One, other people’s homes are not child proofed (even those with children sometimes) so take nothing for granted. Two, if ever at a hospital with your child do not accept inferior medical care. You have rights. Demand to speak to the U.S. Surgeon General if need be. Finally Santa was very good to us this year and I am grateful for that, but the only gift I’ll ever want and need as a parent, is the health and safety of my children.


  1. Oh wow! Scary stuff. Happy to hear all is well with Samuel.

    • It was very scary. A lot of crying and a lot of screaming. Anyway, he is fine now. He’s playing like normal and having a good time. Being a parent can be so hard that’s why I pray for their safety everyday. Thankfully, everything worked out for us. Thanks Melvina.

  2. Natasha D. says:

    What a frightening experience. I am very glad that everything worked out!!!

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