I’m Having A Very Jazzy Christmas!

For many years, Boyz II Men’sLet It Snow” was my favorite Christmas carol. Back then I was a lot more “relationship” focused. Now that I’m older, a wife and a mother, I can appreciate other songs and other forms of music like jazz for example. While I can’t say that I am a true jazz fan, I do love jazz Christmas music. Something about it makes me feel, I don’t know… jazzy.

So here are some of my favorite Christmas jazz tunes that I have downloaded for your listing pleasure. Take a listen and tell me what you think. I guarantee it will brighten your day!

, Have Yourself A merry Little Christmas, Dexter Gordon Quartet.

, Winter Wonderland, Wynton Marsalis.

, Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town, Dave Brubeck.

, Winter Wonderland, Take 6.


  1. These are great suggestions! That Boys II Men Christmas CD is definitely one of my faves and I love, love Take 6 but do not have any of their Christmas music. But that won’t be true for long because I’ll be on iTunes in mins to add them to my Christmas music collection. I think these are also great selections for introducing folks who may not otherwise listen to Christmas.

    • I actually thought the Take 6 song was Boyz II Men originally but learned otherwise. A family friend introduced me to these Jazz songs last year and I am sold now! I didn’t think they would be as Christmassy but they totally are and I feel like dancing when I hear them!

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