Celebrating With Friends!


Since getting married I haven’t spent as much time with my single girlfriends. Things got worse after I became a mom. Relationships with women can be complicated and be even more complicated when spouses and children enter the picture.


The fact is, though, women need other women.  So we’ve decided to get together more often no matter how much our lives have changed or how busy we have all become. So this past weekend we got together to celebrate a friend’s birthday and had a fabulous time. Looking forward to many more celebrations with friends!


  1. :) Sweet

  2. Natasha D. says:

    That’s nice that you are balancing time for friends, I know it’s not easy!

  3. It’s hard to do but worth it if you can make the time. We all have to work hard at staying in balance (with family. work, friends) as much as possible. It’s one of my goals for this year. I’ll let you know if I succeed! :)

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