Some Gender Sterotypes Are Real


When my husband is sick I do my best to take care of him. I do. I bring him tea, soup, whatever he wants even though he only appears to have a papercut, lol. Today I am sick and I have had to ask him several times for breakfast. I asked him to get me a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of tea. It took 15 minutes or longer for me to get the food. When it finally came the bagel was not toasted and the tea was unsweetened (I take sugar in my tea). Perhaps I am asking for too much. In either case, like most women I am strong and will get through it. He did eventually sweeten the tea and toast the bagel so I guess things are looking up. ☺


  1. oh yes! that happens to me a lot ! my bf ends up doing what i am asking for after all :) . it takes a little longer though!

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