Keeping The Spark Alive. Watch The Segment!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and on Wednesday I sat down with Kerri-Lee Mayland of NBC Connecticut to share my tips on keeping the spark alive in your relationship. Click to watch segment!


  1. These are great ideas Notoya!

    I feel the spark comes easily when you both love and like each other. If these components are missing, this can be difficult. Trust me I’ve been there. Also if your not making time there is something missing. Im sure a few of your readers can relate…

    On another note its so wonderful that you have been with your mate for 20 years. Thats amazing!!!!!!!

    • Thanks and you are so right! You have to love and like each other and that takes effort because everyone has flaws. You’re also right that you have to make time for each other. It’s very easy to grow a part if you don’t make time to stay connected and stay involved in each others lives. Thanks so much for the wisdom!

  2. LOVE this!!!

    Someone mentioned in your original post that they leave romance on the back burner :(. When you are TRULY in love you always make time. You are proof of this Notoya even with 3 triplets!!!

    Hopefully these great tips will inspire many!!!! Geting ready to dig out some photos now, lol.

    • Thanks Cassy! I’m glad you love the tips and I hope others find them helpful too. Just talking about this stuff has inspired me too to be even more creative! Thanks Cassy and I hope you have an awesome Valentine’s Day next week!

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