Mommy Vent: I Hate It When My Husband Plays “Good Cop.”


In a lot of households moms are still taking the lead in childcare. So we see it all from our kids, the good, the bad and the ugly.

A few days back, my son Samuel started playing in the kitchen while I was making breakfast. I told him not to play in the kitchen because it’s dangerous. I’ve told him this many times before. Two seconds later he came charging back into the kitchen and almost got hurt. So I yelled at him.

Needless to say I felt horrible after I yelled at him because it is not like me to do so. Before, I could process what happened, though, my husband came over, whisked him away and began comforting him.

As a parent I understand my husband’s desire to be protective of our son, but the response made me feel even worse. It also felt like I was being shunned by both of them!

For a long time now, we’ve been parents of babies and never really dealt with issues of discipline. Now that we are parents of toddlers, how we discipline together and as a team is the issue we must now confront.


  1. OMG sooo tough! You guys will be able to handle, but I can imagine how you felt!

  2. I felt like mean mommy. Nobody wants to feel like mean mommy. :)

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