Toddler Trend Alert: Magna-Tiles!

Magna-Tiles are the new developmental “it” toy for toddlers and preschoolers everywhere! I originally learned about this toy from a fellow mom, but now moms everywhere are buzzing about Magna-Tiles.

With these magnetic tiles your little one will be able to create all sorts of geometric shapes and be stimulated for minutes at a time. The downside to this toy though is that it’s super expensive. It’s about $120-$150 for a set of 100 tiles but arguably worth it. Kids really do love Magna-Tiles (including mine) and it’s the kind of toy that grows with your child.

As an alternative consider Tints! They’re magnetic wooden blocks and a little less expensive that Magna Tiles (typically priced around $60 for 22 pieces). They are also a big hit with my kids and a worthwhile investment for your developing child.