Cute Photos Of The Week!


After several days of battling the stomach flu, David is well and back to being my Superman! Have a great weekend and have a happy Easter! … [Read more...]

Re-learning Things I Have Long Forgotten…..


There are a lot of nice things about having kids. For me, one of those nice things is having the opportunity to learn again through my kids. For many of us, school is a distant memory. So it is easy for basic facts and figures to go from crystal clear to foggy to simply forgotten. My kids are just two and are not in school yet, but we do a lot of reading especially about animals. Through them I have learned a lot of facts about animals that I haven’t thought about in years (or perhaps never really knew in the first place). For example I’ve learned that a baby horse is actually called a … [Read more...]

My Tips On How To Keep Your Children Safe On HLN’s “Raising America.” Watch The Segment!


Keeping our children safe from dangerous and inappropriate caregivers is one of our most important jobs as parents. So yesterday, I appeared on HLN’s “Raising America” to share my tips on how we can all keep our children safe. Click here to watch this very important segment: … [Read more...]

Do You Have The Wrong Smoke Detector At Home? Probably….


According to a report from NBC News a mom of five lost four of her children in a fire due to smoke inhalation. Her fire alarm, which was made with ionization technology, did not warn the family in time. Smoke detectors made with ionization technology, which are in most people’s homes, are good at detecting electric sparks but not smoldering fires. Unfortunately they are cheaper to make, more widely available in stores and in 90% of U.S. homes. To keep your family safe, experts are recommending that you have two fire alarm systems in your … [Read more...]

News: Kidswear Gets Its Own Fashionweek


Parents, prepare yourself for the world of kiddie fashion. I suppose we should have seen this coming when the wardrobes of celebrity kids like Suri Cruise began making headlines. Now kiddie fashion isn’t just about cute little onsies anymore. It’s actually gone designer with the likes Stella McCartney and Oscar de la Renta making clothes for kids. In fact, this past Tuesday in London, the world saw the first ever kids fashion week. The event officially entitled Global Kids Fashion Week, featured designs from Roberto Cavalli, Oscar … [Read more...]

Mom Guilt: An Inherent Part Of Motherhood And Does It Ever Go Away?


For the past six months my kids and I have been pretty lucky. We haven’t had any issues with vomiting, fever, diarrhea, nothing. They’ve been the pictures of perfect health. That changed a little this morning when I woke up to David vomiting. As I was getting dressed to take him to the doctor, though, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had done something to cause it. Did I not wash his hands properly yesterday or is it because I went out. Yesterday, I went out for several hours and left them in the care of others for lunch and dinner. Maybe something was wrong with the food they ate or … [Read more...]

Our Giraffe Is Wearing A Helmet


My kids are climbers. They also like to run, jump and leap. Lately they’ve had a few scrapes so I started putting a helmet on them in case they fall. Our toy giraffe, Geoffrey, has also had a few scrapes. He doesn’t do much running and jumping but he falls over a lot. Normally when he falls the kids will say, “The giraffe fell down!” Then they’ll ask him, “Giraffe, are you okay?” A few days ago, I noticed the giraffe fell down but nobody asked if he was okay or tried to pick him up. So after a few minutes, I went and picked him up and noticed he was wearing a helmet. :) … [Read more...]

Who Comes First In Your Household? The Spouse or The Kids?


There are so many mommy wars going on right now that it is hard to keep. Should women put their families first or their careers first? Another is who should come first in the context of the family – the children or the spouse? Giuliani Rancic, recently weighed in on the latter by telling US Weekly that her marriage comes first and her baby comes second. In the interview she said “We're husband and wife, but we're also best friends, and it's funny because a lot of people, when they have kids, they put the baby first, and the marriage second. That works for some people. For … [Read more...]

Mom’s Day Out: Food, Wine & Shoes!


Yesterday was a great day. I had lunch alone (and was totally okay with that). Then I went shopping for shoes. Spring is just days away and it’s almost time for me to step out of my boots and into some mommy chic shoes for the park!

[Read more...]

Why Dad Needs To Spend More Time With The Kids


This is an area where many families struggle, including mine sometimes. Research shows though children do better in school, have higher IQs and do better in their careers when their fathers are actively involved in their lives (not just living in the home with them). For children to get these benefits, dads need to engage their children, play with them and actively participate in their care. Here are some tips that have worked for my family: 1. Let Kids Help - Kids love to help and want to feel useful so let them help dad with chores like grocery shopping, unpacking … [Read more...]