5 Things Super Successful Parents Do In The Morning Before Their Kids Wake Up!


When you’re a busy mom, it can be hard to get stuff done. So a few days ago, I sat down with some pretty successful mommies from best selling authors to partners at law firms and ask them for some of their time management secrets. They shared with some of their morning rituals that help them to get more out of their day and out of their life!

Eat breakfast. This seems like an obvious point, but a lot of people do not give themselves enough time in the mornings to eat a proper meal. Research shows that eating breakfast will boost your brainpower and your energy level. It will also brighten your mood, which is particularly important for parents!

Plan your day and don’t let your day plan you. Using a few minutes in the morning to list all the things that need to be done for the day will help you to stay focused on important tasks and use your day more effectively.

Pray or meditate. Say what you want but prayer and/or meditation work for a lot of people. If it works for them, it can work for you!

Keep a journal of long term and short term goals. This is very important. Studies show that people are more likely to achieve their goals when they approach them in bite-sized portions. Keep a journal of your goals for the week (short term goals) and for month (longer term goals). This will help you to stay focused on important goals from bill payment to career advancement.

Shower and get dressed early in the morning. This is particularly important for stay at home moms. For many stay at home moms, getting up early in the morning may be the best way to have quiet time and me time. Using that time for yourself and particularly for personal care is great way to feel in charge of your day and your life!


  1. Melvina says:

    Great suggestions. As a part of my new year resolutions I’ve adopted many of the habits you’ve suggested and I feel a marked difference in my day in terms of what I get accomplished or perceive I’ve accomplished. It’s nothing like spinning your wheels all day and at the end feeling like a failure because you didn’t get what you needed accomplished, which can stem from a poor start in your day.

  2. Well said Melvina. I’ve recently started to do some of these things myself and it’s made such a difference. I’m able to get things done I didn’t think were possible until recently!

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