The Experts Are Not Always Right….


When my kids were 15 months old, an expert (not a doctor) told me she had some concerns about the attention span of one of my boys. She also said she was concerned about his ability to complete a task. Honestly, the comment took me by surprise because I didn’t see a problem with his attention span. I also wasn’t convinced that 15 month-olds actually had much of an attention span. That said, I gave some thought to what she said.

By the time my kids turned two, that same child was able to sit for two back-to-back readings of “The Cat In The Hat” and wanted more (if you know anything about the book, “The Cat In The Hat,” you know it’s practically a novel)! He was also able to sit for long periods of time and play with his toys from puzzles to his car and trucks.

As parents, we’re gonna encounter many experts along the way regarding our kids. Sometimes they’re gonna tell us things we want to hear like they’re brilliant and their way to Harvard, yay! Other times they are gonna say some things which may be difficult to hear. Our task as parents is to know when to listen and when simply to tune out. Happy parenting!

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