Why Dad Needs To Spend More Time With The Kids


This is an area where many families struggle, including mine sometimes. Research shows though children do better in school, have higher IQs and do better in their careers when their fathers are actively involved in their lives (not just living in the home with them). For children to get these benefits, dads need to engage their children, play with them and actively participate in their care. Here are some tips that have worked for my family:

1. Let Kids Help – Kids love to help and want to feel useful so let them help dad with chores like grocery shopping, unpacking groceries, walking the dog etc.

2. Take Advantage of Road Trips – Don’t just pop in another DVD to distract the kids. Use your time in the car to talk to your kids and/or play games with them. Kids love games!

3. Eat Together– Many parents are working around the clock these days but it’s important to eat with your kids at least two times a week. It is a great way to bond and help your kids develop healthy eating habits.

4. Plan Monthly Day Trips – Plan a trip to the zoo or to a local museum. Day trips don’t require much planning and are generally inexpensive. It’s also a fun activity and dad gets to spend time with the kids. So it’s a win win for everybody!

For more info on “dads” and their impact on your child’s IQ click here: https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/usermanuals/fatherhood/chaptertwo.cfm


  1. Natasha D. says:

    So true! I agree with your tips 100% It lends to the healthy development of a child.

    • Thanks Natasha! There is so much more research to support this and it’s something that we are constantly working on as well. I hope more moms and dads take notice! Kids need it. Thanks!

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