Operation Organization! My Tips For Organizing Your Child’s Room On NBC Connecticut!


If you’ve got kids, they’ve got toys and getting organized can be a chore! So yesterday I sat down with Kerri-Lee Mayland, an Emmy Award winning anchor at NBC Connecticut to share my best tips for organizing your child’s room!


Use a simple sorting system. Use plastic shoebox containers for smaller toys like Barbie clothes and Happy Meal toys. Larger lidded bins can be used for blocks, trucks and cars, and lightweight bins or boxes can be used for stuffed animals. Try looking for fun colors for the boxes to add pops of color to your child’s room.


Bring The Child Into The Process. Instead of scolding your children and tossing all of their prized toys, make them involved by asking them which items they want to keep and which they want to get rid of. The more involved they are in the process, the more likely they will be to understand the organizational logic and maintain an organized room.


Label, Label, Label. For younger children that are too young to read, use the packaging from their toys or print pictures of clothes, dolls, or blocks to help remind the child where these items belong. Look at the organization process as a learning activity to foster development.


Build A Creative Space. Set up a corner of the room with a small desk with craft supplies like colored pencils, watercolor paint, and crayons. Encourage your children to display their crafts and artwork on a bulletin board in their “creative space” of the room. Use colorful cups and shelves to organize the craft supplies to keep the area organized.

Happy organizing!


  1. Mike Shane says:

    We have triplets too and we live have been in Tribeca for 5 years now. This is Amazing! We thought we were the only triplets in TriBeCa.
    We just completed a photo shoot for NYtimes Sunday magazine.
    The spread will print in June. Our triplets are 4 months, 2 boys and 1 girl. The two boys have blue eyes and the girl green. They are priceless.
    How old are your children?

    • Mike that is amazing!!! My kids are 2.5 year old. It’s so incredible that there’s another family of triplets in the neighborhood and I can’t wait for your N Times spread. I’ll be sure to pick up a copy!!! Thanks Mike.

  2. Mike Shane says:

    oh ok. your kids are much older than ours for a play date but there is much we can learn from your journey already….we integrated a full time nanny and cook into our home and they help us with everything and we are still so swamped. It would be great to hear more of your day to day challenges on your blog: ie, are all the kids on the same schedule? food, bed, etc? we find our triplets have each different rhythms. Also they are all responding to Milk differently. Are these challenges you have also faced? would love to hear more.

  3. My kids are 2.5 but I’m still struggling. Three kids all the same age is a lot to handle. I can’t even say which stage is easier because while we are past some things (bottles, burping etc) we are dealing with other things like toddler tantrums x3.

    When our kids were infants we had a baby nurse. She helped us with putting them on a feeding schedule and a sleep schedule. So they slept and ate at the same time. I found that really helpful because otherwise you are doing the same tasks all day long which is beyond exhausting. Unfortunately, our kids only napped one time a day and didn’t nap for very long, but I found the schedule very helpful.

    After our baby nurse left we got a full time nanny, but a few months later I hired another full time nanny. Their schedules overlapped for most of the day but one came earlier in the AM and the other stayed later in the PM. I found that having two nannies was difficult but needed. Then I hired a housekeeper because I needed someone to clean my space and do laundry. Eventually though I went back to one nanny and kept my housekeeper who was a lifesaver when things didn’t work out with my nannies. That said I was still overwhelmed and still am for the most part. My guess is, it’s not going to get easier until they are 3 or 4. Anyway, I’m glad we connected and please me know if I can answer anything else for you! Happy to talk and happy to help.

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