How To Have “Date Night” When You Can’t Get A Sitter



Don’t wait for a sitter to have date night. You can have date night right in your own home. We hear the term “date night” a lot and over time it loses it’s meaning but don’t underestimate the importance of date night to your relationship. It’s one of the few times you can talk to your partner without interruption, re-connect and of course have romance. Here are 5 tips for keeping the romance going in your relationship even if you can’t go out!


  1. Order out and spice it up with wine and candles. I know, candles seem really retro but nothing create a romantic mood better than candles. So try it!
  2. Skip the dining room table and eat picnic style on the floor. It’s different and it’s romantic.
  3. Make a playlist of your favorite loves songs (or use Pandora if your prefer to delegate) and listen to music during your date.
  4. Have a theme date! Pick a theme (i.e. western, Latin, French etc) and eat, dress and watch a movie based on the theme. It may seem corny to some but it’s really fun. Most importantly, it’s different and it will give you something to look forward to!
  5. Cook a meal together but don’t cook chicken and broccoli.  Make something fit for Top Chef or Chopped or one of those cooking shows. How it is comes out is beside the point. The point is to have fun and learn something new together. Research shows that couples who learn new things together stay together longer and are more fulfilled in their relationship. So, channel your inner Julia Child and cook something new!


  1. Melvina says:

    These are great suggestions! I’m going to give it a go. I love the idea to have a picnic style dinner and cooking a meal together. Thanks.

    • Thanks Melvina and give them a try. Honestly, if we wait for everything to line up in order for us to have date night you might look up at the calendar and realize that it’s been weeks since your date night. I love these tips because they’re easy and they’re fun!

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