I May Never Be Able To Have Another Private Conversation Again…



We’ve all heard the saying that we should careful of what we say and do around our kids because they are always listening and learning from us. Well, that has never been clearer to me than it is right now.

Yesterday, my mom and I took the kids to the park. After a few minutes, I stopped to tell her that Samuel loves the bouncy bug the best. I said “he’s addicted.” Within seconds he started saying “I’m addicted, I’m addicted” and kept saying it!

I stopped him right away and said, “No, you’re not addicted. You’re not addicted to anything.”  So this is a reminder to me that no conversation we have is private as long as our kids are around even if we think they can’t hear or understand.  It’s also a reminder that we need to edit ourselves when our kids are present. Here are 5 things we should never do and say in our kids’ presence (or at all). Never:

  1. Say negative things about them.
  2. Say negative things about our spouses or our child’s other parent.
  3. Say negative things about ourselves (also important since this something many of us do a lot)!
  4. Use profanity.
  5. Use bad English because they’ll learn that from us too.



  1. Since I suffer from potty mouth, during my pregnancy, dad and I practiced not cursing to develop a new habit of speaking more wholesomely around the house. It really worked. I can not even recall either of us ever slipping up. Now, I have to say I do slip up with the use of “ebonics” at times. But not too much though. I try to always remember how much influence we have over the lives of these little ones. It’s serious business.

  2. Notoya Green says:

    Thankfully, potty mouth hasn’t been much of an issue for me either but I do have a tendency to say “Jesus Christ” when my kids fall. The other day Sammy fell off the couch (onto a big cushion thankfully) and Eva said “Jesus Christ.” So yes, that was also a lesson for me as to how much our kids are listening to us and how much of words they will repeat and how much our actions they’ll imitate. So I’m working hard on editing myself and being mindful about my use of negative words and making sure I don’t disparage others especially in front of my kids!

    • They surely love to repeat everything. My mom let the S bomb slip one day in front of my daughter when she dropped something and Cate wanted to practice it all the way home. Then of course when she dropped something. Guess what! We quickly had to fix that and told her it wasn’t a nice word. She couldn’t understand why grandma said it, though. I couldn’t stop laughing when you said your son fell off the couch and daughter said “Jesus Christ.” That was hilarious! I can just picture it. Kids are hilarious.

      • Notoya Green says:

        I was so shocked when I heard Eva say that and shocked as to how much she sounded like me. After that though, I started watching my little “outbursts.”

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