The Interesting Thing About Weddings….

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A few days ago I attended a wedding with my husband and had a wonderful time. It’s an interesting thing, but over the last few years weddings have seriously become highlight of my social calendar and it was not like that many years ago.

Years back if I got an invitation to a wedding I would immediately start thinking about all the ways this wedding is going impact me negatively.  Now I have to get a dress, gift etc….

Now I get a wedding invitation and I’m like “YES!!!!!” and I am seriously looking forward to that wedding for weeks and honestly what’s not to love about weddings? There’s great food and drinks and best of all you get to dress up.  Another great thing about weddings is that is it all about love, which is a nice romantic theme/reminder for those of us who are married with kids.


  1. I love weddings and celebrations of love and uniting two individuals. They are a reminder to that marriage is precious and sacred!

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