Preschool, Fashion Week, Birthdays and Vegas? Hello September!


This is a very exciting month for me. So exciting that I can hardly believe it. So exciting that I am actually scared that maybe it’s all going downhill from here (kidding).

Seriously I am very happy about this month as you can probably tell. Just three days from now it will be my wedding anniversary (yay). My husband and I will celebrate our 6th year of marriage although we have dated for like a 100! That same day, I’ll also be attending Tracy Reese’s showing of her Spring 2014 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week because I multitask from time to time. :)

The next day the kids start school! Then hubby and I will be off to Vegas for some couple time which I am still nervous about. Of course, at the end of the month will be the biggest event in the month for me, my kids’ birthday!


  1. That’s exciting stuff! I want to visit Vegas too! I guess in due time.

    • Notoya Green says:

      Thanks Shaniqua! This will be my first trip there and my first weekend away from the kids. I’m nervous about it but I think it will be fun. I’m sure you’ll get out there some time soon also. In the meantime, I’ll post plenty of pics on the blog!!

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