4 Foods I Will Never Eat Again (or give the kids)!


In the last few months I have really changed.  I mean some things about me are still the same. Like I am still obsessed with schools and education (yada, yada, yada) but now I’m thinking more about health – myself and my family’s.

Like a lot of moms I have always been committed to my children’s health. For example I only buy non-toxic cleaning products for my home and only buy wild fish and organic food for my kids. I also do my best to stay away from furniture that could be toxic. That said, I never gave much thought to my own health.  Like most people I want to be healthy but never really took any steps to ensure my health until recently. Last night while reading about healthy foods (and non healthy foods) I came across this list of very toxic foods from Prevention magazine that I wanted to share.


4 foods I will never eat again (or give the kids):


Non-organic potatoes – Who would have thunk it but apparently non-organic potatoes is one the worst things you could possibly eat. Potatoes which grow in the soil absorbs high levels of pesticides and should be avoided at all costs!


Farm Raised Salmon – Truthfully I only eat wild salmon at home but have eaten regular salmon in sushi or at a restaurant. I will never do that again. Farm raised salmon is fed thing likes hydrolyzed chicken feathers and contains PCBs, carcinogens, pesticides and flame retardants!!!


Imported shrimp – Okay this is a toughie because I do enjoy shrimp, but may have to cut this out of my diet unless I know for sure it’s American. According to reports, imported shrimp contain cancer causing antibiotics and sometimes also contain rat hair and insects and I have absolutely no interest in rat hair! The other stuff is pretty bad too but rat hair part took me over the edge.


Non-organic apples  - An apple a day does keep the doctor away but apparently not the non-organic kind.  When my kids were younger I only gave them organic apples, but over time have made exceptions in this area because non-organic apples are not always easy to find.  That said, apples get the most pesticides of any of the fall fruit. So that is something to think about.


  1. Interesting article. I am with you with the organic apples.

    • Notoya Green says:

      That’s the one area where I did conventional from time to time since I peeled the skin. Now, I’m going back to organic only. Did you have a chance to check out the Prevention mag article? It said, farmers have higher than normal cancers rates and there being a connection to pesticides in the body and Parkinson’s.

  2. We try to go organic as much as possible but can sometimes be tough. I had no idea about non organic potatoes and apples being some of the worst offenders though. My son loves potatoes but we will be sure going forward to not make exceptions over organic. Great info!

  3. Notoya Green says:

    Thanks Melvina. I was shocked to read about potatoes too! I thought it was okay because we don’t eat the skin but the article said that the pesticides are absorbed by the potatoes and more so because it is in the soil!!!

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