4 Things I am Thankful For This Thanksgiving


Every Thanksgiving I always ask those present at dinner to join me in saying what they are most thankful for. Here’s my list.

1. I am thankful for my kids – Just yesterday I was dancing with them and we were doing the “hokey pokey.” I stopped for a second and looked around and saw that I was surrounded by three little munchkins who were smiling from ear to ear and actually doing the hokey pokey. I could not have been happier.


2. I am thankful for my mother, mother -in-law and grandmother – You’ve heard the saying that it takes “A village to raise a child.” Well it takes several villages to raise triplets and I could not have made it without the help of the wonderful women in my family.


3. I am thankful for my husband – He’s really an awesome guy that would do anything for his family. Rumor has it also that he’s making Thanksgiving dinner this year!


4. Finally, I am thankful for the 5 hours of sleep I got last night – It’s not a lot of sleep, but I am still thankful. It was uninterrupted and there were no kiddies in the bed last night and for that I am EXTRA thankful.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I am thankful for all the reasons you mentioned. As well as God’s blessings that have come unconditionally. I can think of a million things to complain about but the truth of matter is I am truly blessed!

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