The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Read This Week…


Recently, a friend of mine shared an article online from The Atlantic entitled “The Myth of ‘I’m Bad at Math’” and reading it was almost life changing.

The point of the article was that being good at math is not a skill you’re born with (in most cases), but something you work at and most people don’t work hard enough at math and simply say they’re not good at it. Okay, that’s probably true.

What I loved most about the article though was this: that idea that ” ‘you are smart or not, end of story’ leads to bad outcomes.” Love that! Then the article went on to say said that IQ or being smart isn’t set in stone. Each of us has the ability to be smart or smarter through hard work.

As a parent, reading that was really liberating. I don’t have to stress out anymore about what gifts and talents my kids were born with (or not born with) because it isn’t about that. It’s about how hard we are all willing to work to create gifts and talents and that in the end it’s all up to us! Happy Friday!


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