My Christmas Present Just Came Early…


Two years ago my kids walked for Christmas. This year, they are giving me yet another wonderful Christmas gift – they are playing together and getting along!

This morning David got on Eva’s tricycle (which a few weeks ago would NOT have been allowed) and said he’s “going to the store to buy some milk.” Eva not only allowed him to ride her tricycle but she hopped on the back and you know what? It was totally okay with David.

No one got hit or pushed and no one ended up on the floor with the tricycle on top of them. Instead they shared the tricycle and played together for 20 minutes or more laughing the entire time. Over the last few days, I did notice that the kids were playing together more and sharing but this morning for me was the culmination.

So I think my Christmas present just came early and honestly I don’t need much else other than that diamond necklace from my husband of course. :)



  1. Awesome! Merry Christmas Mommy!

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