Yay It’s Official!

Photo Credit- Tristan Greszko/ Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


So it’s official. Next month, we’ll be going on our first big family trip! We are going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and we are super duper excited because it will be a trip of many “firsts.”

For many of us it will be our first time in Wyoming, our first time on the slopes and the kids’ first time on a plane!!! We’ve had a lot of family trips by car but this will be our first time taking them on a plane (should be interesting, but I’m ready).

I have to admit, though, I’m not a big fan of cold weather vacations. I like warm weather regions (especially now) but I also wanted to try something new. I also wanted the kids to learn how to ski (or at least see what skis look like). So I’m pretty happy and I am pleased with the way 2014 is looking – new places, new experiences, more time together and living life to the fullest.


  1. Natasha D. says:

    Awwww, you’re going to have so much fun!!! I’m sure they will have training and bunny slopes for the kids. You’ll get used to the weather. Try to get ski suits (they keep you incredibly warm) and insulated gloves. The plane will be interesting, but they should be fine. :-)

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