The Thing About Skiing….


Let me start off by saying that I can see why skiing could be considered a dangerous sport.  My husband and I had never been skiing before but on day 2 of our vacation, we decided to go skiing with the kids! Now from what I hear from the kids’ instructor, the kids were naturals at skiing and really seemed to get the concept. My husband also had a great day skiing. I, on the other hand, was not as lucky as they were.

I recall there was a lot of screaming (from me) and calls for help (also from me) and on more than one occasion I had to be rescued (by my instructor and from others). Thankfully, though I wasn’t hurt, at least not physically anyway.

Despite it all, I decided to try again the next day and I’m really glad I did. I figured out how to turn properly and how to slow myself down by turning and had so much fun doing it. In fact I would say I was pretty pretty good. That said, don’t look for me to be skiing down anybody’s mountainside any time soon (or ever!), but I can safely say that I will be back here next year to do it again.



  1. Denise Waul says:

    Good job! Your persistence and courage paid off!

  2. Hi!!!! Just wanted to tell you I love this blog! I found it after searching for twin/triplet blogs. My fiance and I are trying to get pregnant, and we are hoping for multiples or at least twins. (He’s a twin, he has a set of twin brothers, and he also has twin nephews!) In my family, my grandmother is a twin. :) I enjoyed seeing your vacation pics from Jackson Hole!

    • Notoya Green says:

      Thank you Robyn!!! Yay! I’m planning to post some more pics this week and I hope you enjoy. Also, I really hope you guys succeed with pregnancy. I know how that can be and I hope you get multiples too!!! It’s work but it’s also a lot of fun. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Best of luck!!!

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