Acknowledging Mommy Burnout…


There comes a moment in every mom’s life when you’re just spent. When you have juuuussst enough energy left for your kids, but none left for you or for anyone else.

I can tell you that I am having one of those moments. Now, I know better than anybody that when you’re feeling mommy burnout the best thing you can do is acknowledge it and ask for help. So I did and I’m getting it.

This past weekend, my wonderful husband took the kids out for me so I could have a little break and tonight we’re going to a Knicks game for a little extra fun.

Best of all, tomorrow is my birthday and I am giving myself the ultimate gift. I am going on vacationa real vacation which means I am going without the kids. So for the next three days, I’ll be sleeping through the night (yay), waking up late (double yay), and eating breakfast while reading a newspaper and turning the pages – very, very slowly.


  1. Peta-Gaye Daniel says:

    Awesome article! Mommy burn-out is real! Having help is key… and you know I’m in favor of a good vacation ;-) Happy early birthday, Notoya!!! Enjoy your vacay!!!

  2. Notoya Green says:

    Lol, thanks Peta-Gaye. I’m so looking forward to tomorrow. I’m hardly ready for the trip, but I’m ready!

  3. I am so happy you are getting a vacation. I am currently on a stay-cation. My husband is at a week-long training and my daughter is with my mom for the week. I needed it BAAADDDD! Burnout is real and must be addressed. Love you.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

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