I Remember When…..


I remember when we would have to prepare ourselves physically and emotionally just to bring our kids to the store. They would get so excited by being inside a store that we would end up spending most of our time chasing them up and down the isles, but not this past weekend.

This weekend we took them to a local nursery to teach them about plants and flowers as part of our lesson about Spring and they were amazing, and by amazing I mean amazing! They were curious about everything but remained calm, cool and collected. Yes Lord! In fact at one point we were standing next to a rack of ceramic pots and they looked them, asked questions and touched them gently. Beautiful.


  1. I know the feeling I literally pray before going to a store with my son and have to think of the best off peak time to go . your post is a reminder to teach my son (4 years old) about spring and the beautiful plants the season brings .

    • Notoya Green says:

      It’s hysterical that it’s like that, but not so funny in the moment. :) And yes, it was a lot of fun teaching them about Spring. We bought one of those containers for vegetables and a few flowers and let them plant! My daughter was so excited about it in fact that she had us call her grandma so she could tell her all about it. Most kids like stuff like that and it’s fun for parents too.

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