The Best Mother’s Day Ever!


This Mother’s Day was by far the best Mother’s Day I have ever had. Last year’s Mother’s Day turned out to be a working holiday so it’s not even in the running, but this Mother’s Day was very special and for two reasons.

First, my husband gave me the gift of time. He took the kids to a play while I stayed home and got some much needed rest. He also gave me beautiful orchids, which happens to be my favorite flowers.

Second, my kids gave me perhaps the best gift of all. During breakfast, Eva without any prompting from anyone wished me “Happy Mother’s Day” followed by the boys. Then after breakfast, each of them gave me a beautiful handmade necklace that they made in school. If that wasn’t enough, one of the necklaces says “Sammy Mom.” It was a wonderful Mother’s Day indeed.


  1. I love my necklace from Theo too. Happy Belated Mothers Day!

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