My Must Have Babyproofing Tips On “Better Connecticut!” Watch The Segment!


If you've ever had to make a trip the ER because of an accident in the home, you know first-hand the importance of babyproofing! Watch my tips on babyproofing your home on Better Connecticut[Read more...]

Talking “Toddlers & Technology” Today on NBC Connecticut!


How much time in front of the iPad is too much? One of the many problems we face today with modern parenting. Well this morning I chatted with NBC Connecticut’s, Kerri-Lee Mayland, about “Toddlers & Technology!” So how much screen time is too much? … [Read more...]

Learning Patience (And Perseverance) From Toddlers


One of the interesting things about parenting is that we are constantly learning new things about our children and ourselves (or at least we should be anyway). For several months now, I have been trying … [Read more...]

The More You Know, The More You Grow….


Last night I watched the movie, American Promise on PBS, a story about the ups and downs (mostly downs) of two African American boys attending The Dalton School, one of the most … [Read more...]

My Baby-Proofing Tips This Morning On “The Couch!”


  This morning I had the awesome pleasure of appearing on CBS’s “Live From The Couch” and with hosts, Jill Nicolini and John Elliot, to talk about child safety and baby proofing! According to the Center For Disease Control, … [Read more...]

4 Foods I Will Never Eat Again (or give the kids)!


In the last few months I have really changed.  I mean some things about me are still the same. Like I am still obsessed with … [Read more...]

The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Read This Week…


Recently, a friend of mine shared an article online from The Atlantic entitled “The Myth of ‘I’m Bad at Math’” and reading it was almost life changing. … [Read more...]

It’s That Time Of Year Again. My Holiday Travel Tips With Kids On Daytime!


Yesterday I had the awesome pleasure of appearing on "Daytime", a nationally syndicated show in Tampa with hosts, Cyndi Edwards and Jerry Penacoli. Now, that’s the good news. … [Read more...]

Today on, my latest article on “Pursuing Your Passion While Raising A Family!”


When you’re a mom reaching for your dreams can be difficult, but not impossible. Please read my latest article today on on how you can … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween. My Tips Today On NBC Connecticut!


I’ve been fortunate to have done a lot of tv segments and this one was one of my all time favorites! This morning I appeared live on … [Read more...]