Having A Beautiful Time In The MIA!


I had a great birthday celebration yesterday. I started my day with the kids. Then it was off to Miami! … [Read more...]

Acknowledging Mommy Burnout…


There comes a moment in every mom’s life when you’re just spent. When you have juuuussst enough energy left for your kids, but none left for you or for anyone else. I can tell you that … [Read more...]

Special Delivery!


Today my husband and I were supposed to have a special Valentine’s Day lunch which didn’t happen as things sometimes don’t in parenting land, but all was not lost. … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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My Husband Featured On CNBC.com!

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 1.19.49 PM

This month many of us will be talking about all the amazing accomplishments of many African Americans both past and present. I’d like to take a moment to talk about another amazing African American … [Read more...]

The One Thing I Have Learned About Romance Since Getting Married


The one thing I’ve learned about romance since getting married is that romance doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You actually have to make it happen, which for me wasn’t always easy. … [Read more...]

Yay! We Made The New York Observer’s Media Power Couples List!


The New York Observer just completed its 2014 list of NY Media Power Couples and we made the list!!! Also on the list are … [Read more...]

Just What I Wanted And Needed…


My Christmas gifts really took me by surprise this year especially since my husband and I had decided that … [Read more...]

4 Personal Goals For 2014


  Truthfully, I have a lot of goals for 2014 but here are my top 4! … [Read more...]

Taking A Time Out At The Game


So this week has been crazy (and actually the week before that and the week before that). The kids … [Read more...]