Talking “Toddlers & Technology” Today on NBC Connecticut!


How much time in front of the iPad is too much? One of the many problems we face today with modern parenting. Well this morning I chatted with NBC Connecticut’s, Kerri-Lee Mayland, about “Toddlers & Technology!” So how much screen time is too much? … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween. My Tips Today On NBC Connecticut!


I’ve been fortunate to have done a lot of tv segments and this one was one of my all time favorites! This morning I appeared live on … [Read more...]

My Birthday Party Planning Ideas, This Morning On NBC Connecticut!


It’s birthday party planning season for many of us parents including myself and NBC Connecticut’s news anchor, Kerri-Lee Mayland! So this morning we chatted on NBC Connecticut about birthday party ideas for your child’s next birthday!   First things first … [Read more...]

My Tips For Celebrating Dad This Father’s Day And Beyound On NBC Connecticut!


Father's Day is tomorrow, but you don't have to buy dad a present to celebrate Father's Day! Give him the best present you have and that is the gift of time! Here are my tips from my NBC Connecticut segment with anchor, Kerri-Lee Mayland, for celebrating dad this Father's Day and beyond!   Let dad plan a family day. Dad often goes with the flow and let’s Mom and the kids plan family outings. But whether it’s attending a sporting event or spending a day at the arcade, let Dad plan a fun day with the family. Make an … [Read more...]

Operation Organization! My Tips For Organizing Your Child’s Room On NBC Connecticut!


If you've got kids, they've got toys and getting organized can be a chore! So yesterday I sat down with Kerri-Lee Mayland, an Emmy Award winning anchor at NBC Connecticut to share my best tips for organizing your child's room!   Use a simple sorting system. Use plastic shoebox containers for smaller toys like Barbie clothes and Happy Meal toys. Larger lidded bins can be used for blocks, trucks and cars, and lightweight bins or boxes can be used for stuffed animals. Try looking for fun colors for the boxes to add pops of color to your child's room.   Bring The … [Read more...]

My Traveling With Kids Tips On NBC Connecticut. Watch The Segment!

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Never dread traveling with your kids again! Check out my "Are We There Yet?" traveling with kids segment which aired on NBC Connecticut. The tips are guaranteed to make your next road trip smooth sailings or at least better. :) Click on the screen below to watch. … [Read more...]

“Are We There Yet?” My Travel Tips Today On NBC Connecticut!


If you've ever traveled with your kids, you know it's not easy. With a few tips and tricks though, traveling with kids can actually be fun. So this morning, I sat down with Kerri-Lee Mayland of NBC Connecticut and shared my tips for your next road trip! Go High Tech - Let kids answer the annoying question for themselves! Give your kids your smart phone open to the Waze app and let them track your route. Then the parents can ask the kids, “Are we there yet?” Play A Game - Watch for cars with out-of-state license plates and challenge each person to be the … [Read more...]

Catch Me Monthly On NBC Connecticut!


Good news to share! I will now be appearing as a regular guest on NBC Connecticut! I will be talking about all things parenting with the show’s anchor and Emmy-award winning journalist, Kerri-Lee Mayland. So if there’s a topic you’d like to see us talk about, please send it along and perhaps you’ll see it during my next segment! … [Read more...]

Keeping The Spark Alive. Watch The Segment!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and on Wednesday I sat down with Kerri-Lee Mayland of NBC Connecticut to share my tips on keeping the spark alive in your relationship. Click to watch segment! … [Read more...]

Keeping The Spark Alive. My Tips Today On NBC Connecticut!


The ability to maintain a loving and fulfilling relationship is within everyone’s reach but it requires work and some creativity. Look for me today on NBC Connecticut (between 11am and 12pm) where I’ll be sharing my tips on how you can keep the spark alive in your relationship! Here are just some of the tips I’ll be sharing with viewers: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane. Relive your youth and some of your most romantic moments by looking at old photos and videos from when you first fell in love. If you have a memorable date night from the past, try recreating it in the … [Read more...]