Taking A Break From The Cold… Pics From The Beach!


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This Made Me Smile Yesterday….


Eva getting her nails done at tenoverten nail salon in Tribeca yesterday during her one-on-one time with Dad. Now, if … [Read more...]

Favorite Pics From 2013. Happy New Year!

Parkpics2013 - Me & Sam2

Goodness what can I say? 2013 has been such an incredible year for me and my family. … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out


I talk a lot about the importance of "mommy time" and "me time" so last night I decided to take some of my own advice and had dinner with … [Read more...]

‘Tis The Season!


  The kiddies met Santa for the first time ever! They were so excited that … [Read more...]

Pics From The Weekend!


Now that the winter coats are coming out, we decided it was best to take our weekend fun indoors! So we took the kids to the … [Read more...]

The Power of Women


Growing up I never really had male friends. I always had female friends. Truthfully, I connect better with women and have always found my friendships with guys in the past to be … [Read more...]

Pics From The Weekend!


  On weekends we love taking the kids out East to visit the local farms but this weekend we decided to mix things up and take them to the … [Read more...]

We Can’t Help It. Sometimes We Love The “Farm Life” Too…


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Our Weekend In Vegas Plus Celebrity Pics!


Every mom needs a weekend away from the kids. Every mom needs some time to relax and let someone else do the cooking. Every mom also needs some time to get dressed and have fun that doesn’t involve carrying a diaper bag. This past weekend … [Read more...]