Celebrating The 4th In The Hamptons!


This year we celebrated the 4th by attending the Southampton Fresh Air Home, annual American Picnic. A picnic benefit which allows physically challenged children to attend summer camp and for me it’s one of the summer highlights. It’s a worthy cause, with fireworks, great food and fun for the kiddies. So what’s not to love, but this year was particularly exciting. … [Read more...]

4 Things I Learned By Networking With Other Moms


For the last few weeks I have been knee deep in school events, my kids success in school and all things related to – my kids. Don’t get me wrong I … [Read more...]

My Favorite Time Of Year!


Welp …the school year is drawing to a close, which makes me a little bit sad. It’s been a great school year for my kids and it’s kind of hard to say goodbye. They made so many new friends and learned so many new things. That’s the downside. … [Read more...]

The Best Mother’s Day Ever!


This Mother’s Day was by far the best Mother’s Day I have ever had. Last year’s Mother’s Day turned out to be a working holiday so it’s not even in the running, but this Mother’s Day was very special and for two reasons. … [Read more...]

The Kids, Preschool and Africa


So for the months of April and May my kids will be learning about Africa in school. So far they’ve learned about … [Read more...]

Our Very First Picture Day!


  Today is "Picture Day" at our kids school and it's our very first picture day! As you can see from the pictures, though, David was not nearly as excited as we were. … [Read more...]

“My Son: Making Changes and Making Friends.” My Latest Article for Mahattan Family Magazine!

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 1.40.16 PM

A few days ago, a friend of mine came across my most recent article for Manhattan Family magazine, entitled “My son: Making changes and making friends.” She shared with me her experience with her own daughter and her belief that sometimes we need to just give our children time. … [Read more...]

Taking A Break From The Cold… Pics From The Beach!


[Read more...]

Having A Beautiful Time In The MIA!


I had a great birthday celebration yesterday. I started my day with the kids. Then it was off to Miami! … [Read more...]

Special Delivery!


Today my husband and I were supposed to have a special Valentine’s Day lunch which didn’t happen as things sometimes don’t in parenting land, but all was not lost. … [Read more...]