Happiness Is…..

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  This summer has been a very busy summer (as always) but it’s been a great summer nonetheless. Last night I had the pleasure of watching my kids count stones accurately up to 20 (after that they said “11”) and this morning while in the car on the way to camp David said … [Read more...]

Some Of My Favorite Pics!


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Our Trip To Jamaica. Pics!


  It's been an incredible summer so far, but one of the highlights has definitely been our trip to Jamaica. The kids had so much fun and it was fun for me watching them have fun. They went to the … [Read more...]

Took The Kids Out For Lunch And This Happened…


Over the weekend we took the kiddies to two of my favorite restaurants in the Hamptons, … [Read more...]

Our “Little Dragons!”


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Jackson Hole: Day 1 Of The Vacay!


We are finally in Jackson Hole, which until yesterday was not a foregone conclusion. After two cancelled flights and a lot of … [Read more...]

My Husband On The Wendy Williams Show This Morning!


My husband, Fred, who is the head of Mediatakeout.com, was a live guest on The Wendy Williams Show today! This morning he talked with Wendy about Khloe Khardasian and the rumors that she is not really a Khardasian (which actually does not surprise me), drama amongst the Braxton sisters and Beyonce and her father reconciling. He did a great job this morning and the show will re-air today on MY9 at 3pm if you live in the NYC area. If you live outside of NYC, you will have to check the show's website for listings. If possible, I will also try to upload "after the show" clips tomorrow. … [Read more...]